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Each Shorty's location proudly serves our famous ribs, chicken, homemade sauce, creamy cole slaw, and of course our delicious corn on the cob. The choices at each location differ slightly, select the location below to view the menu details.

South Miami (#1)
West Miami (#2)
Davie (#3)
Doral (#4)


Shorty's Promotions Barbecue Catering BBQ Coupons

Bar-B-Q Sauce

Bar-B-Q Sauce

Bar-B-Q Catering Barbecue Catering
Bar-B-Q Coupons
Any two dinners for $19.98!
Choose from Half Chicken Plate, Spare Rib Plate or Pork Steak Plate.

Barbeque Coupons
Call Us Today At 305-595-1622 ... Se Habla Español
Shortys BBQ: Miami Barbecue Caterer, Barbeque Catering, Bar-B-Q
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Shorty’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant and Catering
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